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Personalized Winemaking for over 26 Years!

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254 Island Highway, Victoria, BC

Wine you will Love! Guaranteed!

Start Wine Making in Victoria Today!

Easy, Delicious, Guaranteed!

Best of West Shore 2017!!

Best of the City 2018!!

We offer you the following:

  • *100% guarantee on all of our wines
  • knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff 
  • excellent selection of kits from...
  • Winexpert, Vineco/Cellarcraft, and RJ Spagnols
  • central location in View Royal
  • 10 minutes to the box stores of the West Shore
  • exceptional customer service
  • consultations and unique wedding wine services
  • three fully automated bottling stations
  • convenient parking (we unload/load your bottles)
  • custom labeling for special events
  • oak barrel aging (aged wine, sooner, ready to drink)
  • locally made giftware items for your home or for great gifts
  • winemaking supplies for home winemakers
  • winemaker referral/incentive program

​The Wine Maker, centrally located in View Royal on the West Shore, is passionate about wine making and excellent customer service. Unlike other wine making stores we have been offering personalized wine making in Victoria for over 26 years! New customers will find a New Customer Welcome Offer on our Contact Us page. Try our wine today!

We are a fully independent wine making business, allowing us to choose only the best products for our customers: a major reason why we are Best in the City. We take homemade wine or, hand crafted wine, to new heights starting with the best wine making kits in the industry! Visit us at our shop in View Royal for all of your wine making and any wine making supplies (in Victoria) you may require. Enjoy a personalized tour and let us answer any questions you may have!

Cheers! We look forward to seeing you soon!