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   November 1, 2015

    Penny McCulloch-Barratt assumes ownership of the Wine Maker in View Royal following 14 years of management of the Winemaker.

  December 12, 2015

   A fond farewell to the retiring James Pickford.  Both James and Penny were thrilled to welcome Heinz and Gisella Kappler to their little    gathering and take a moment for a photo! Heinz and Gisella heard about the purchase through the 'grapevine' and came to The Wine Maker  to wish both James and Penny well in their future endeavours.

   This business was built on excellence and operates today maintaining the following principles:  the best wine making products our industry offers, excellent wine making skills, excellent customer service, 100% commitment to the satisfaction of our customers and an efficient, sparkling wine making facility.

​  Back to the Past

  1992 - The Wine Maker begins in Colwood. Owners Heinz and Gisella bring a brand new industry to Victoria, BC.

  1996 - The Wine Maker changes homes. Heinz and Gisella purchase the original Pete's Tent and Awning building and renovate it.

  1999 - The Wine Maker is sold to James Pickford.