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Ultra-Premium Kits

   Reds are fermented with *crushed grapes. Both reds and whites originate from leading wine regions around the world! 18 L wine kits. 

Price Range: $185.00 to $240.00

Reds: recommended aging, 4-6 months

Whites: recommended aging, 2-4 months

*kits fermented with crushed grapes mean crushed grape skins and grape pips are added to the juice during the primary fermentation. The result is increased body and tannins in the finished wine.

Premium Kits

   Reds, whites and rosés from vineyards around the world. 16 L wine kits. 

Price Range: $146.00 to $180.00

Reds: recommended aging, 2-4 months

Whites: recommended aging, 1-2 months

5-week Kits

   Smaller format kits offering great taste and body with minimal aging requirements. Reds, fermented with *crushed grapes, and whites. 12 L kits. 

Price Range: $127.00 to $150.00

Reds: recommended aging, 1-2 months

Whites: recommended aging, 1 month

Regular/Value Kits

   Reds, whites and rosés​. Some from country of origin and many from California. Smaller format kits. 10.5 L kits. 

Price Range: $112.00 to $130.00

Reds & Whites: recommended aging, 1 month

Specialty Kits

Consider wine-based fruit flavoured Coolers.

Ice Wine (red or white)

Port (Dessert Wine - traditional or flavoured)

Price Range: $120.00 to $145.00

Coolers: recommended aging, 1 month

Ice Wine, Port: recommended aging, 4 months

Over 200 wines to choose from!

In addition to our clean and spacious facility we offer the best wine juice kits produced in our industry.

Choose products from the worlds top three manufacturers:

  • Winexpert,
  • Vineco, and
  • RJS Craft Winemaking.

Feel free to browse our suppliers sites for their product lines, click on the links to get the full descriptions of all available kits. Get ready for some 'wining'! We offer 98 of the Top 100 Wines evaluated and published by Winemaker Magazine in 2016 that are readily available to our winemakers.

Further on find the price ranges for each level of kit quality and recommendations for aging.

​What's included in the price:

  • your choice of kit
  • service fee & taxes
  • corks 
  • shrinks
  • labels

Additional fees for:

  • bottles, if you require them
  • custom labels, made on site
  • ​oak barrel aging, if desired


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Aging your wine is important! With any of our wine kits, longer aging will result in an improved wine. Flavours are enhanced and wines are smoother. Generally speaking, commercial wines have been aged before they hit the shelves at those liquor store prices!!

Expect your white wines to last at least three years and your red wines should be good for a minimum of five years.
Wines from the Top Three Wine Manufacturers in the World!