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​​​​3rd Annual Wine Maker Survivor on Now!

Winemaking View Royal is always exciting! This is the page where The Wine Maker newsletter, events, features, blog and contests are found. We will also offer wine reviews as our own personal kits reach maturity. The wine enthusiast in you will want to check back each month!

June 2017-

Wine Maker Survivor begins it's 3rd Annual Contest! What's in it for you? 6 free kits, premium kits, are up for grabs. More details in the shop and the newsletter.

May 2017-

Yay! The business is all paid off! We will be having a special gathering on May 2 - cakes and coffee - to say thank you for all of your support over the last 18 months. Join us for a special treat! The last of the Limited Edition wines kits are in the show room if you haven't yet started your reserve wines. 

April 2017-

Happy Easter to you all! We hope you get the chance to enjoy a lovely weekend with family and friends sharing a meal. 

March 2017-

The weather outside has been just plain weird. So stay curled up inside with a glass of wine and a good book. Spring is definitely taking her sweet time coming!

February 2017-

Happy Family Day weekend! Happy Valentine's Day! Give a gift certificate to your favourite wine lover. If you stop in for your gift certificate between February 1 and February 10 we will add some 'love' to your gift certificate purchase: $20 bonus! On Valentine's Day we will have chocolate to sweeten your day. Best of City Voting will begin in March. If you care to vote for your favourite businesses please mark your calendar and start thinking about your favourite Victoria businesses.


The Wine Maker Newsletter, Events, Features, Blog and Contests

​​Newsletter Highlights  - Summer

  • Sunny Summertime
  • Labels Galor
  • Limited Edition 2017 summary
  • Limited Releases Summer 2017
  • Crate Update
  • Carboys
  • ​Contest Winners
  • Share Boarad
  • Upcoming Holidays
  • Canada Day Weekend Hours
    • June 30 - OPEN
    • July 1 - CLOSED
    • July 4 - OPEN!!

  • Wine Maker Survivor Contest
  • Events We are Supporting
    • West Village Church
    • Car Free Day
    • The Wild Willie (for Cops for Cancer)
  • Customer Appreciation BBQ
  • Consignment Items
  • Oak Barrel Update
  • 4-week Special Offers
  • Think Local, Shop Local
  • Winery Adventure Tour
  • Wine Tastings
  • Best of City 2017 Promotion

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