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Once you have bottled your wine the bottles should remain standing upright for 2-5 days before laying them over onto their side. This allows the pressurized air between the cork and the wine to equalize.

Choose a location in your home that has a year round consistent temperature: cooler is better! On a hanging tag (you can buy this at The Wine Maker) indicate the name of the wine and the date it was bottled on and the ready for drinking date. Then begin dreaming of wine time!

Interested in a quick cellar? Choose 6 wines you like and gather together 6 wine friends! Each pay for a batch of wine and on bottling day leave The Wine Maker with 5 bottles of 6 different wines. Bigger groups are fine! Our biggest group bottling, so far,  was 49 batches!

Keeping your Bottles Clean!

Your wine is ready to bottle! Are your bottles ready for your wine! Our 100% guarantee starts with checking your bottles for cleanliness. Getting  30 bottles ready for bottling wine, all at once, can be time consuming especially if they have not been previously rinsed and dryed. Here are the steps to success... Once contents are consumed, rinse the bottle out thoroughly with hot water. Remove the shrink top and the label. Place bottle neck down to drain and dry. When dry look at bottle through a bright light! If it looks brand new you can place it neck down in your wine box. If the bottle is not sparkling then you will need to add a teaspoon of Sanibrew* to your bottle, fill it with hot water, let it soak and then give it a scrub with a bottle brush* - you can buy these starred items at The Wine Maker. Rinse thoroughly with hot water, drain dry, check it again and then store neck down in your wine box. PLEASE! No detergents or dish soap as it is extremely difficult to get rid of all that sudsy residue!

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